Multi-Fitting Titanium Domeless Nail For Electric Nail (E-Nail) - 14/18MM Male/Female

Product Type: Titanium

Product SKU: Ti-409-4071.01

Product Details

When using E-Nail do NOT use nail directly on your Rigs Joint!!!!
 - Use a Drop Down or Glass Adapter to preserve your rig, if the adapter joint breaks then you can just replace the adapter, not the rig!!

Coil not included. Only titanium nail.


For Enail


Warning: Please beware of overheating the Titanium nail. Overheating may cause the glass fitting it is sitting in to crack and break due to rapid heating and cooling. 
 - We HIGHLY recommend using a glass adapter when using ANY titanium nail, so if your glass does break from expansion, it will be the adapter only.

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