TAG - Fixed Super Slit Showerhead Froth Diffuser 5MM*

Product Type: Oil Rig

Product SKU: M18y-OR-106T-6227SAND

Product Details

New Super Slit Version


Height: Female Version: 9.5" 
             Male Version:    7.0"

Thickenss: 5MM

Joint Size: 18MM

Base Thickness: 12MM

Base Diameter: 4.75"

Height Of Can: Female Version: 4.0"
                         Male Version:     2.5"

 Fixed Showerhead Perc with 25 slits of diffusion


Female Version comes with a Slide.
Male Version comes with a Glass Dome and Glass Nail

*Note* - Glass Nails will always break! It is just a matter of time, we suggest quartz or titanium for a longer lasting nail!

7" Version -


TAG - 7" Bent Neck fixed Showerhead Froth Perc - water test - no water touched my lips while pulling hard on it

A video posted by Thick Ass Glass (@thickassglass) on





 9.5" Version - Less Water - Still Plenty for good filtration


Showerhead froth perc water test - less water (still more than enough for good filtration)

A video posted by Thick Ass Glass (@thickassglass) on



 9.5" Version - More Water 


Showerhead froth perc - more water

A video posted by Thick Ass Glass (@thickassglass) on









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