3" Titanium Carb Cap Dabber with Flat End

Product Type: Dabbers-Carb Caps

Product SKU: Ti-414-1047.01.1

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This titanium carb cap works with all of our domeless nails. It is built with grade 2 titanium, measuring 3" long with a 1" diameter and weighing 20g (0.054lb). Thick Ass Glass uses high titanium purity which is actually higher than Medical Grade Titanium. Our dabbers-carb caps are made with exceptional quality and the 3" Titanium Carb Cap with Dabber with Ball Point is no exception. Experience the TAG difference today! 

Grade 2 Titanium

Length: 3"

Weight: 20g (0.054lb)

Diameter: 1"

Works with all of our Domeless Nails!

Precise fit for the following Domeless Nails!

- Ti-103

- Ti-105

- Ti-401


Our titanium is made in China. It is safe, with a high titanium purity, actually higher than Medical Grade Titanium

Titanium Used: ASTM B348
Medical Titanium: ASTM F136/F67

Titanium: 99.759%
Fe: 0.10%
C: 0.02%
N: 0.01%
O: 0.11%
H: 0.001%




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